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My favorite New Year’s greeting

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix (Photo by Susan O. McCall)

My virtual inbox filled quickly most December days as retailers alerted me to various sales and organizations pleaded their case for year-end donations.

While I’m all for charitable giving, I’m not a fan of requests for cash couched  in holiday greetings.

So an e-greeting offering heartfelt thanks and genuinely helpful tips for enjoying a tranquil holiday season stood out among all others.

It was from Ro Ho En, also called the Japanese Friendship Garden, in Phoenix. And it didn’t ask for money, though I’m guessing they need the support just as badly as other cultural resources.

I asked their executive director, Susan McCall, for photos to share with readers, and she sent three she’d taken herself– a perfect complement to the three holiday wishes I’m passing along in the hopes they’ll bring needed perspective amidst all the New Year’s revelry.

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix (Photo by Susan O. McCall)

Ro Ho En shares these tips for enjoying the season…

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Share kindness with everyone you meet.

3. Give thanks for all that is good in your life.

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix (Photo by Susan O. McCall)

If you’re not feeling particularly calm or collected as you greet the new year, find a little spot on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror for these simple tips so you can read and reflect upon them often. Or head to the Japanese Friendship Garden for a peaceful stroll. You can click here to learn more about their hours and many offerings.

— Lynn

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