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Notes from an NYT award winner

By Lindsey Stegemoller, Guest blogger

Lindsey Stegemoller performs at VYT during a recent National Youth Theatre awards ceremony

The National Youth Theater Awards are always something to look forward to every year, whether it be the performances, the speeches, or the outstanding podiums.

This year it was held on September 12 at Valley Youth Theatre in downtown Phoenix. The theater was filled with people from different areas in Arizona and they were lively and spirited with everything that happened.

"The Ugly Duckling" cast members (Desert Stages Theatre)

I usually try to dress formal-casual for the event with some stunning heels and apparently the rest of the audience picked up on that idea.

Everyone in the theater was wearing a suit or a nice dress with their hair done amazingly.

Madeline Wessel (Musical Theatre of Anthem) performs "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

One of the funniest speeches was done by a male winner. He wrote a 1 1/2 page speech with theater puns in every sentence. The crowd loved it!

Everyone had great speeches and touching remarks but I think D. Scott Withers’ speech was great. He set up a standard for accepting the award with his choice of words and honest point of view.

Part of "The Laramie Project" ensemble (Greasepaint Youtheatre/QSpeak) accepting an award

I had a great time at the NYTs this year and from what I saw, so did everyone else. Going to events like this really creates a special experience whether you’re 47 or just 7.

When the NYTs come around next year, you know I’ll be there just to experience the lively atmosphere and the great people.


Above photos courtesy of Rob Hopper, executive director of National Youth Theatre

Pinnacle High School student Lindsey Stegemoller (Photo by Laura Durant)

Note: Lindsey Stegemoller, of Phoenix, is a 16-year-old Pinnacle High School student. Stegemoller was one of five Valley actresses to receive the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical” award and also performed during the NYT award ceremony. She was honored for her work in Greasepaint Youtheatre’s “Oliver!,” directed by D. Scott Withers.

Fun fact: You can click here to read my ‘review’ of “Oliver!” (I’m only so objective because my daughter Lizabeth was also in the cast). My first draft of the review likened Stegemoller’s vocals during “Oliver!” to vocals I enjoyed during the touring Broadway production of “Wicked”–a line I deleted prior to posting (now to my great embarassment) after I was told that Stegemoller wasn’t the world’s greatest “Wicked” fan. I hope she won’t mind me making the comparison now. It’s a good thing.