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A tale of two roses

My mother taught me how to preserve dried flowers during high school prom days — though I only recall a single wrist corsage, and that hardly seemed worth saving. Later in life two bunches of red roses made the cut — the bridal bouquet I carried down the aisle and flowers thrown by Bruce Springsteen into a crowd of fans during his “Tunnel of Love” tour.

When tickets went on sale this morning for new “Wrecking Ball” tour dates in New Jersey, I was on it. My dialing finger was stuck in a nifty pulse ox device meant to screen for blips in breathing during sleep, so I suspect there’s a medical printout somewhere with proof that my heart rate spiked when my turn at the Ticketmaster slot machine finally paid off.

I hunt for new Bruce vinyl every year during Record Store Day at Hoodlums in Tempe

After learning that Springsteen performed my favorite double album, “The River,” during the NYC concert I missed while in wet washcloth mode earlier this month, I wasn’t about to let another opportunity slip through my hands. When one door closes, my mother always taught me, another one opens. It helps when you turn the knob.

Turns out I snagged just a single seat, meaning I won’t get to take my NYC baby along. I tried first for a pair, but that’s a tall order with so many folks ordering multiple sets for friends or more nepharious purposes. I’d be ruined by rumination if I didn’t take the one, and have to hope that good karma will somehow see her by my side that night.

Newark is nothing but an airport to me now. But I expect that to change come September, when I mix up my taxi to Manhattan M.O. by snagging a place to stay near the MetLife Stadium and enjoying a weekend laced with New Jersey arts and culture. I spied signage for the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City while cabbing it to NYC last time around, and I’m eager to give it a whirl.

There’s also a New Jersey Children’s Museum in Paramus, and a Newark Museum complete with more than 80 galleries, a planetarium, a sculpture garden and much more (I’m told it began more than 100 years ago as two galleries atop the Newark Free Public Library). To date my strongest Newark memory is getting doused with gasoline  while refilling a rental car, then losing a favorite earring while hosing down in a tiny airport bathroom.

I’m also eager to explore the Community Food Bank in New Jersey. Fans of Bruce and band know they support local food banks while on the road, and I’m eager to pay that forward in the opposite direction for a change. Even far from home, we’ve got to take care of our own.

— Lynn

Note: Click here to explore St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Arizona, here to explore the Arizona Science Center and here to explore the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. Get the scoop on Hoodums here and Record Store Day here.

Coming up: Let it rain, Musings on “Much Ado”