S.W.A.T. Lake

Terpsicore Dance Company performs this weekend at Mesa Arts Center

I’ve seen police officers in all sorts of settings — from patrolling on horseback near “ground zero” in Lower Manhattan to poising radar guns at cars speeding through serene Scottsdale suburbs. But I’ve never, ever seen one dancing in the line of duty. That’s a good thing.

Still, they deserve to have some fun in their everyday lives — so I’m delighted that several accepted the invitation extended by Terpsicore Dance Company to participate in its season finale at Mesa Arts Center this weekend. Seems a part of their “Kinetic Elements” is set aside for a little something called “S.W.A.T. Lake,” featuring police officers from Mesa and Phoenix.

A Terpsicore Dance Company gathering at Mesa Arts Center

Kinetic Elements” is designed to showcase choreography from local and national artists. Expect new works choreographed by Angelina Lin and Joe Nugent. Also Danna Parker, the company’s artistic director. Seems a signature piece titled “Fandago” will be back “by popular demand” to close out the show.

Special guests include musician Grant Ferguson, plus dancers from a professional jazz dance company called MarioCo. Dance and a newly formed organization in the West Valley called Ballet Forme. Also officers brave enough to both protect our streets and take to our stages.

“S.W.A.T. Lake” is a Terpsicore Dance Company partnership with the 100 Club of Arizona, which works to enhance the safety and welfare of public safety officers and firefighters — and to provide immediate financial assistance to the families of those who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

Parker says the idea of including police officers and firefighters was a joint brainchild with her boyfriend — and credits a member of the 100 Club with coining the term “S.W.A.T. Lake.” Next year Terpsicore will feature firefighters in a performance dubbed “Cinder-fellas.”

Only a dancing police officer could make this scene more delightful

Parker notes that Terpsicore Dance Company has been bringing contemporary ballet to audiences in the Phoenix metro area for eight seasons, adding that they recently moved to a new studio in downtown Phoenix. Parker describes it as “one of Phoenix’s last standing warehouse buildings” — sharing that the building will “turn 100 years old next year.”

Terpsicore Dance Company, and officers joining them to benefit the 100 Club, perform Sat, June 9 at 7:30pm. Also Sun, June 10 at 2pm. The “Swan Lake” parody blends comedy with choreography by Nicole Olson. Both performances take place inside MAC’s Nesbitt/Elliott Playhouse — and folks can click here for ticket information.

— Lynn

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