Comicon meets creativity

A quick review of “signature events” for this year’s Phoenix Comicon reveals the creative underpinnings of folks who do the geek. Think “Bleeding Cool Fan Awards” (Fri, May 25), “Brain Eating Contest” (Sat, May 26) and “Dr. Who Party Like a Time Lord” (Fri, May 25). I’m told that middle one involves JELL-O®, so not to worry that someone might be bent on sucking your brains out.

I’m most smitten with Comicon activities that draw on arts and culture, like the “Charity Art Auction” featuring chances to bid on original art, comic pages and sketches from Comicon artists. This baby supports “Kids Need to Read” and takes place at 6pm on Sat, May 26.

Kids Need to Read” has another friend in the “Geek Prom” charity event sponsored by Bookmans, scheduled for 8pm that same evening in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Tickets are $20 onsite, and all proceeds to go “Kids Need to Read” — a nonprofit offering “unique and engaging literacy programs.”

More creativity inspired by Bookmans and Phoenix Comicon 2012.

Last year’s prom, also generously supported by Bookmans, earned $11,560 for the organization, and additional fundraisers held at Comicon Phoenix 2011 raised another $6,595. This is the third year Phoenix Comicon has welcomed “Kids Need to Read” as its featured charity.

“Kids Need to Read” seeks to increase literacy skills and reduce dropout rates among “disadvantaged adolescents” with diverse tools including e-books, multimedia games, literature circles and “curricula linking English language arts classes to science, math and social studies classes.”

Turns out there’s another little something for geeks who dance — a “Steampunk Ball” scheduled for 6pm on Fri, May 25. If you’re mystified by all things steampunk, just talk with the nearest theater kid. Or spend some time online with a PBS piece called “Off Book: Steampunk.”

If you’re a first-timer not sure what to expect at Comicon, I’ve got a quick rundown. Think poker tournament, fashion show, anime tea party, concert, comedy roast, bananas, sci-fi party, geek speed dating, costumes and zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Also several “sketch-offs” featuring artists drawing works inspired by audience suggestions. Think you yell it, they draw it. Don’t try this at home.

Click here for more information on Phoenix Comicon 2012.

— Lynn

Note: Click here to read J. Frater’s “Top Ten Museums for Geeks” — and save the date (Oct. 11-14) for New York Comic Con 2012.

Coming up: Mischief with metal, Graphic novel tells Anne Frank story


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