Women’s art for women’s rights

As renewed battles over women’s rights are making headlines here at home, the struggles of women in other countries too often go unnoticed.

The neglect and abuse of women is woven into the fabric of far too many societies, as evidenced by a recent exhibition of quilts at the United Nations Visitors Centre in NYC. Think fabric squares depicting burning villages, brutal acts of violence against women and other horrifying scenes — some involving infants and children.

Though “Women are the Fabric” recently closed, I’m pleased to share several snapshots of works I enjoyed during my March NYC visit. All serve as powerful reminders of the way interwoven threads of civilization unravel when women’s rights to dignity, safety, health, education and equal opportunity are trampled or ignored.

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Folks interested in world cultures can attend CultureFest, a family-friendly cultural dinner being presented by The Welcome to America Project. The dinner will raise funds to help refugee families from war-torn countries settle in to their new lives in Phoenix. It’s part of the organization’s World Refugee Day celebration.

Those attending the June 24 event — which is part of the group’s 2012 “Cultural Dinner Series” — will “experience and learn traditions about the cultures from nine representative countries.” Think Burma, Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and more.

Click here to learn more about United Nations policies and programs focused on improving the lives of women across the globe, here to explore Quilt for Change and here for information on the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

— Lynn

Note: Fountain Hills Youth Theater in Arizona presents a Y.A.B.O.Y. (Young Actors Benefiting Other Youth) production about dating sexual abuse called “The Silence Between the Whispers” March 15-31, 2013 (auditions for ages 12-19 are scheduled for Feb. 4 & 5).

Coming up: Youth theater meets social justice, Getting to know women playwrights, Cancer meets creativity


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