Why I ♥ New York

Nifty streets named for important people or causes

Subways. Glamorous, nope. Cheap and convenient, indeed.

All those public parks and playgrounds within the concrete jungle

Big Broadway shows, tiny theaters and a myriad  of funky venues

All that patriotism on display — in flags, paint choices and more

Seriously fun truck art featuring everything from pigs to plantlife

Squirrels and puppies and chirpers  — Oh my!

Way cool architecture from neighborhoods to commercial spaces

Farmers markets, waterfront barbeques and other snippets of nature

Bright lights of Times Square, local pubs, tacky tourist joints and more

Museums galore — like the Brooklyn Museum now featuring Keith Haring

Libraries big and small tucked away just about everywhere

Weather and walkways that make strolling a simple pleasure

Temples, synagogues and churches full of character and charm

All those green and growing things — on stoops, streets and more

Public art — like Walks of Life by Claire Johnson

The Strand — and other bookstores perfect for getting lost in literature

— Lynn

Coming up: Focus on children’s art, A tree grows in Maine


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