Sunday at Seton

My ears perked up a few days ago when I heard talk of Seton Hall in New Jersey tied to this weekend’s NCAA “Selection Sunday.” It reminded me of a recent Sunday afternoon spent at Seton Catholic Preparatory High School in Chandler, site for day two for this year’s Raising Arizona Kids Magazine camp fair.

Before entering the school gymnasium filled with summer camp providers from Arizona and several other states, I was greeted by three very polished and professsional students who took great delight in telling me all about the school’s visual and performing arts programs. A mural painted on a nearby wall should have been my first clue. This school takes both art and athletics seriously.

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I had a great time chatting with the many camp fair exhibitors whose offerings include arts and crafts fair. Some, like Voices Studio, specialize in the performing arts. Others, including venues like Mesa Arts Center, offer camps in visual and performing arts. Many exhibitors, including city parks and recreation departments, offer the arts in addition to other popular activities like athletics.

And plenty of camps offer non-arts fare that appeals to other interests — fencing, gardening, swimming, forensic science and such. My favorite find was a camp that brought a baby goat along, who seemed perfectly content to lounge around the Graco portable crib that looked just like the one my babies used to sleep in during visits to grandma’s house.

After chatting with lots of lovely camp fair folk, I snagged a tour of Seton’s arts facilities with the school’s director of admissions. A fine arts and academic classrooms building opened last fall houses a 400-seat theatre, 14 multi-purpose classrooms, a music computer lab, two art rooms for painting and ceramics (equipped with pottery wheels), a film production studio and a fully-equipped dance studio.

Seton’s fine arts department provides classes in drama, choir, band, orchestra, dance, visual arts and computer graphics, film production and photography. They present several theater performances and hold several fine arts nights each year  — in addition to band, choir and dance festivals, as well as community arts events and a hip hop competition.

Remember to ask about arts programs, and arts integration with other academic subjects, when considering schools for your children. And to explore the offerings of all our camp fair vendors as you’re looking for programs to match your children’s needs and interests.

— Lynn

Coming up: Remembering Japan, Get Creative!


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