Old ‘hood, new view

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Realizing there were several works of public art along the route we drive each Saturday morning getting our son Christopher to a volunteer gig, I decided to take my camera along and snap a few photos. Just a few photos, mind you.

But then I spied an unexpected sign opposite a park where my children often played while growing up in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix. We’ve downsized since then, so I’m always surprised when I drive through and discover new things.

The construction at Ingleside Middle School. Arizona Falls. Even the new restaurant near the corner of Thomas and 44th Street that warranted an urgent text to my daughter Lizabeth in NYC  — “OMG…Five Guys coming to Arcadia.” (Hooray! My hubby tells me it’s already open!)

Okay, so Arizona Falls isn’t all that new. But for some reason, I never got around to exploring it when my kids were younger. So when I spotted the sign signaling an Arizona PBS event, I had to stop and check it out.

Turns out the Arizona SciTech Festival is holding an event there through noon today. I was delighted to meet festival program consultant Robin McNulty and tried not to flinch when she asked,  ever so nicely, whether I could solve the Rubik’s Cube sitting on their display table.

“Nope,” I said, “but I can spell it.” And if you gave me another hundred of them, I could make a nifty work of art. I’m even less gifted with the object featured in the “Spring Training Festival,” complete with “The Mad Science of Baseball,” taking place closer to my new ‘hood this weekend. (It’s a baseball.)

But that’s the beauty of art, science and technology. They help us explore ideas both more and less familiar. Let us experience things we rarely encounter in the everyday. Encourage us to learn new skills and stretch to reach new goals.

And inspire us to see the old in new ways.

— Lynn

Note: This post will be updated with additional photos after I return from today’s Raising Arizona Kids Magazine Camp Fair — where I expect to find more art, science, technology and other gems. (Mission accomplished on the new photos.)

Coming up: I brake for art


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