Art awakenings

Works created through the Art Awakenings program which are being exhibited at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center in Scottdale through Feb. 28

I headed up to the ASU Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale Thursday morning to enjoy an exhibit of art works created through Art Awakenings, a program of the PSA Behavioral Health Agency that’s designed to “promote empowerment and recovery through the power of creative expression with adults and youth who face behavioral health challenges.”

Works by adult artists in the Arts Awakening program are being exhibited at ASU Kerr Cultural Center through Feb. 28 — and you can enjoy additional works, created by young and adult artists at several Art Awakenings studios, at various venues throughout the Valley. Enjoy these photos of works exhibited at ASU Kerr Cultural Center…

“Broken Pieces of Happiness” by Chris Valdez, who wrote: I had a dream that I was walking along a beautiful landscape, and as I walked it started to crack.

“Seeking Enlightenment” (detail) by Eeny Hamlin, who wrote: Between the sea and sky she meditates to connect her mind with the powers of the universe…The artist was striving for serenity, strength, and hope.

“Donkey on the Roof” by Alfred Mendoza

“Enigma V” (detail) by B Hill

“Fire” by Ignacio Biancas, who wrote: The painting represents me being bold and strong, it represents me expressing the intensity and passion I have within, and the expression that I feel I need to get out.

“Guardian of the Path to the Crescent” by Vincent Cienfuegos

” Inner Worlds” by Amy B. Young

“Jesus and His Horse” (detail) by Alfred Mendoza

“Guardian of the Path to the Crescent” by Vincent Cienfuegos (left), “Pristine Ocean” by Jayne Kerr Turconi (top), “Arctic Adventure” by Cheryl (bottom) and “King Kong” (right) by Kendall Tewers

“Pequento Rio Colorado” by Jon Hansen

“Sunflower” by Tammy Palomino, who wrote: I have been painting flowers for many years…I love to paint them up close, to show not just the colors but the workings of a flower. The stamen, pollen and insects, which are necessary for their existence.

“Willie Nelson” by Jayne Kerr Turconi

“Punk Dudes Go to see Sound of Music” by Lori Wilson

“Sunset Kokopelli” by B Hill, who wrote: My paintings reflect the joy, excitement and satisfaction that I experience while creating. I live to paint, each painting is an original one of a kind investment in happiness.

Most of the works pictured above are for sale. Click here to learn more about Art Awakenings, find additional exhibits of Art Awakenings works or get details about donating supplies or purchasing pieces of art. Click here for information on upcoming exhibits and performances at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center.

— Lynn

Coming up: Finding art in Fountain Hills, Festival celebrates Black History Month, Cholla meets cherry blossom


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  1. one of my paintings is featured in this article!!!!

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