Walking with Wesley Bolin

Wesley Bolin’s farming family moved from Missouri to Arizona when he was just seven years old — never thinking, I suspect, that he’d one day serve in the state’s highest office.

Bolin died in office on March 4, 1978 — just months after becoming governor in October. Shortly after Bolin’s death, the plaza located across from the Arizona State Capitol was given his name.

It’s still known as Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, and it’s home to a wide variety of memorials designed to help us all remember the diverse citizens who’ve served our communities, state and nation.

I walked through the plaza’s many pathways last fall with my son Christopher, something we’d also enjoyed together many years ago when he was barely as tall as the shortest monuments. There we lingered over memorials honoring veterans, peace officers, early Arizona settlers, 9/11 victims and more.

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The Arizona State Capitol Mall will be filled with people celebrating the Arizona Centennial at this weekend’s Phoenix “Best Fest.” There’ll be music and motorcycles, dance and demonstrations, food and fanfare.

And the opportunity for folks who attend to walk a while with the memory of Wesley Bolin, and others memorialized in the plaza that bears his name. Celebrate away — but don’t forget to remember.

— Lynn

Note: Click here to learn more about special Arizona Capitol Museum hours during Best Fest and Centennial Day

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