Celebrate with art from the heart

We tend to divide ourselves into two categories around Valentine’s Day each year. The haves — as in romance. And the have nots. Those of you who err in the gift giving department can quickly slip from one category into the other. So pay careful attention.

Pajama-grams and thongs — bad. Vacuum cleaners and blenders — worse. Even the red ones. Jewelry — good. Unless it’s something every other woman in America is wearing. Or it cost $2.99. Your safest bet is a solo or joint trip to the Tempe Center for the Arts gift shop — or the arts and culture equivalent in your own area.

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Museum gift shops carry works created by local artists. Their offerings are more unique than most big box fare, though still lovely and often quite reasonably priced. And the shopping experience, with less noise and fewer crowds than you’re likely accustomed to, tends to be ever so nice.

Shopping alone is fine and dandy, but museums, performing arts venues and local art galleries make for fun outings for those who like to take their sweetie among to pick out a little something. See a show, shop. Stroll through an exhibit, shop. What’s not (pardon the pun) to love?

— Lynn

Note: No worries, of course, if you’re without romantic partner this Valentine’s Day. It’s plenty fun to shop and support the arts in solo mode too. The TCArt Shop also carries gift certificates, so ask about gift certificates/gift cards if you’re unsure of what to choose at your local arts and culture gift shop.

Coming up: Arizona remembers


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