Movie meets martini

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I indulge in a martini once every decade or so, but need my movie fix a lot more often. So I headed out Friday night to explore the Studio Movie Grill in Scottdale, a movie theater that first landed on my radar when they showed a film about writer Ayn Rand.

It’s a swanky theater with a lounge-like feel, where you can mingle around a large, square-shaped bar or enjoy a full meal as you watch your favorite flick. I paid just over $9 for my ticket Friday night after deciding to see “The Woman in Black.”

Once you’re ready to move from lobby to movie theater, you show your ticket to folks who hand you both drink and food menu. Theaters look little like those you’re used to. Instead of row upon row of seats, you’ll find generously-sized seats with nifty swing-out trays for holding all the goodies you can order by pushing your very own red call button.

Friday night I snagged a seat between two couples enjoying various menu fare. To my left, it was a martini and a beer. To my right, it was a chili dog and chicken tenders. I passed on eating, but took time to check out the menu — which has dozens of items, including quite a few in the $10 range.

Studio Movie Grill looks like a great option for Valentine’s Day, or a bit of a splurge day with the kids. There’s a special kids menu, for those age 10 and under, complete with grilled chicken tenders or chicken sandwich, burger, corndog, cheese pizza, apples and peanut butter, fruit cup, beverage and ice cream sundae.

The regular menu includes a good assortment of salads and pizza — plus burgers (including turkey burger), tacos, ribs and more. Folks with a sweet tooth can enjoy milk shakes (they’ll add crushed Oreo cookies if you like), chocolate molten cake, peanut butter shake, hot cookies or a brownie sundae. Even something called “frozen hot chocolate” — plus popcorn for all you traditionalists.

Keep an eye on Studio Movie Grill offerings. In addition to mainstream movies, they sometimes offer more off the beaten path selections — and special events like a recent screening of “When We Were Kings” that raised money for the Barrow Neurological Insitute in Phoenix.

I hit their Facebook page a few minutes ago and found discounted tickets — plus the suggestion that folks come down and enjoy the Super Bowl on their big screen. So while I still expect to see plenty of movies at theaters closer to my home, I’m following Studio Movie Grill offerings. In another couple of years, I’ll be up for my next martini…

— Lynn

Coming up: Downtown meets down on the farm


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