Here piggy, piggy…

This little piggy is one of many animal sculptures along Main Street in Mesa

Pig power returns to the world of youth theater this weekend as Valley Youth Theatre opens its production of “Charlotte’s Web.” Seems at least one of my favorite pigs, from Carters Farm Mobile Petting Zoo and Ponies, is joining VYT between this Saturday’s shows.

Folks who attend the VYT production of “Charlotte’s Web” on Sat., Feb. 4 at noon or 3pm can enjoy a lovely bit of piggy time. The show actually opens at 7:30pm the night before but apparently that’s past the piggy’s bedtime. Not so f0r Sam Primack, who performs the role of Wilbur on the VYT stage.

“Charlotte’s Web” is the work of E.B. White, described by publisher HarperCollins Children’s Books as “a legendary writer for decades at The New Yorker and the author of many books of essays” who lived in both New York City and Brooklin, Maine.  He also authored “Stewart Little” and “The Trumpet of the Swan.”

There’s a nifty E.B. White bio on the HarperCollins website, which reveals a bit about how animals like Wilbur made their way into White’s stories — “In 1938, White moved to the country. On his farm in Maine he kept animals, and some of these creatures got into his stories and books.”

Seems White was less fond of writing than we might imagine: “Mr. White found writing difficult and bad for one’s disposition, but he kept at it. He began Stuart Little in the hope of amusing a six-year-old niece of his, but before he finished it, she had grown up.” Encouraging words for those of us banging away on book projects.

I’m tempted to plan a weekend slumber party complete with “Charlotte’s Web” outing, piggy pajamas and pin-the-tail on the piggy-type games. But that would be tacky, I suppose, since my children are all in college. I’ll have to settle for pulling out the “Charlotte’s Web” poster that once hung in our home, and maybe sending a couple of care packages with a piggy theme.

Our own little piggies grow so fast. One minute you’re playing with tiny toes reciting “This little piggy went to market.” The next you’re paying for college textbooks and donating titles like “Charlotte’s Web” to your favorite children’s charity. So Carpe diem — and Carpe piggy too!

— Lynn

Note: Click here to read an E.B. White letter to readers recounting his inspiration for writing “Charlotte’s Web.”

Coming up: More from Mesa’s Main Street


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