Musings on the SAG awards

Check out the SAG Foundation auction taking place through Feb. 2

How lovely to finally enjoy an awards ceremony where the acting craft is supreme. No need for pyrotechnics or parades of pop stars. Just simple respect for the work and gratitude for a life that includes it. While the whole affair was a class act, I admit to having a few favorite moments…

  • Christopher Plummer reminding us all that acting is the world’s second oldest profession  — something we should share with all those politicians who see themselves as job creators but fail to sufficiently support the arts.
  • Octavia Spencer dedicating her award to the “downtrodden, underserved, underprivileged and overtaxed — whether emotionally, physically or financially.”
  • Betty White patting her “actor” on the back side while cooing “Oh, I remember you sweetheart.”
  • Presenters answering that burning question about how best to prepare for the acting life. Seems Sofia Vergara studied pre-dentistry, while Julie Bowen studied the Italian Renaissance. Edie Falco once did parties dressed as Cookie Monster, Tina Fey wrote for the school newspaper and Betty White sang.
  • Viola Davis describing how Cecily Tyson and Meryl Streep have touched her life — and encouraging kids in her Rhode Island hometown to “Dream big and dream fierce!”
  • Michael C. Hall sporting the red beard and Mary Tyler Moore rocking the black irridescent suit.
  • Alec Baldwin hailing both reading and writing — remarking that nothing good happens on television without great writers and pitching the SAG Foundation’s BookPALS literacy program.
  • Ken Howard reminding us all that acting is “a collaborative art’ while sharing news that both SAG and AFTRA boards have approved a merger so members can move forward with voting.
  • Jean Dujardin confessing that he was a very bad student, didn’t listen in class and was always dreaming.
  • Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone sharing three messages from “The Help” — change is possible, every person has a voice and we can all make a difference if given the chance.

I’m happy to report that you can find acceptance speech video and transcripts on the Screen Actors Guild website, so you needn’t rely on others to give you the scoop. And you can click here to learn about the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

The SAG Foundation is presenting an online auction through Feb. 2 to benefit BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) and Storyline Online — where you and your children can enjoy classic books read by famous folks from Melissa Gilbert to James Earl Jones. The auction supports other SAG programs too.

Auction items include signed scripts, photos, props and such. Also set visits, vacations, sports memorabelia and much more. There’s something for “Glee” fans, “Dexter” fans, “Boardwalk Empire” fans, “Modern Family” fans and plenty of other fans too. Click here to learn more.

— Lynn

Coming up: Advocating for arts education


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