Scottsdale school joins Scottsdale ArtWalk

Faculty, students, friends and supporters of New Way Academy in Scottsdale gathered during Thurday night’s ArtWalk in Scottsdale for an exhibition of artwork by students, with a few fun teacher works — including an amazing quilt by school librarian Janet Caruth — thrown into the mix.

New Way Academy serves K-12 students living with dyslexia and other learning challenges, and understands the role of art in communication, imagination and self-expression. There’s always plenty of art lining the halls of the Scottsdale campus, but it was nice to see some of it on display for others in the community to enjoy.

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Students created works with various themes — like flowers or desert scenes, and used particular approaches, such as still life and surrealism. The diversity of their creations beautifully mirrors the unique individuality of each student. Exploring children’s art is like opening a window to the heart and mind. It’s breathtaking.

While attending Thursday’s exhibition at the Calvin Charles Gallery, I spied lots of intriguing works by grown-up, professional artists too. Some dense, some light. Some neutral, some bright. Some abstract, some traditional. A lovely variety, really, that leaves me eager to return again to explore the full measure of the gallery’s offerings.

— Lynn

Note: Click here to learn more about New Way Academy and ways you can support their work with students facing dyslexia, AD/HD and other learning challenges.

Coming up: Art classes for children and teens


One response to “Scottsdale school joins Scottsdale ArtWalk

  1. Lynn, Thanks for taking so many great pictures! The article is terrific.

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