What’s new in Tucson?

A Cafe Bohemia reading presented in Tucson by Arizona Theatre Company

Folks who head to Tucson this Sunday night can enjoy one in a series of readings of new works. Arizona Theatre Company is presenting a little something called “Café Bohemia” — featuring a hip hop play titled “Used To Was (Maybe Did)” that explores “age old questions within the form.” Think style versus substance, ethics versus selling out, the spirit of hip hop versus the money of hip hop. Presenters are partnering with the Tucson Museum of Art as part of its “Tucson Rocks!” program. 

Arizona Theatre Company’s “Café Bohemia” is a “season of play readings, jams and ideas, featuring diverse new works from bold and inventive playwrights.” Folks who hit these events at the Temple Lounge (located at the Temple of Music and Art in downtown Tucson) get to “participate in the new play process” and “hear works read aloud by the best local and national actors.”

Poetry Joey workshop at the UA Poetry Center (Photo: Annie Guthrie)

It’s no place for the tiny ones, of course, but your mature teens might enjoy giving it a try. Tucson has other things to offer the toddlers to tweens in your life, like “Family Days, which evolved out of the “Poetry Joeys” program at the University of Arizona Poetry Center. They’re held once a month during the academic year from 10am to 1pm, and there’s one scheduled for this Saturday.

Family Days” feature “youth writing, local music, games, interactive bookmaking workshops, science experiments, storytelling, creative movement activities and other poem-happenings that are designed to inspire youth and their families to explore the world around them through language.” Poetry Joeys workshops, including a new infant sing-a-long class, take place from 10-11am.

As Thanksgiving approaches, remember the importance of spending truly meaningful time with family and friends. Be genuinely grateful for the people in your life, and for the beauty and bounty of language all around us. Happenings like those shared above make it fun and easy to do both. Thank goodness.

— Lynn

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