One Thursday morning

Never take an Arizona sunrise for granted (Photo: Doug Burt)

For most Valley parents, it’ll be another typical morning. Breakfast. Driving kids to school. Getting to work. Musing over dinner options. But some will spend Thursday morning with friends or family undergoing dialysis or other medical procedures.

It’s a fact that hadn’t really occured to me until a press release crossed my virtual desk and I got to reading the fine print — which noted actor Ken Howard’s affiliation with the National Kidney Foundation. The foundation reports that 26 million adults live with chronic kidney disease, and far too many children are affected too.

Howard serves as chancellor for the foundation, which has been “providing help and hope to kidney patients and their families since 1950.” They work to “enhance the lives of everyone with, at risk of or affected by kidney disease.” The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona was established in 1963.

Howard has served as president of the Screen Actors Guild since April of 2010. He’ll be at ASU this weekend for a SAG meeting and special “Conversations with Ken Howard” event. 

I’m told it’s part of a national speaker series “inviting well-known, working actors to share their experiences in the industry.” Howard has more than 40 years experience with television, movies and stage — and a book titled “Act Natural: How to Speak to Any Audience.”

The event, to be presented in the style of “The Actors Studio,” is being produced by both SAG and ASU’s film and media production program. The public is welcome to attend, but ASU notes that “seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

“Conversations with Ken Howard” takes place Sat, Oct. 29 at 4:30pm in Room #111 of the Stauffer Communication Arts Building on the Forest Mall portion of ASU’s Tempe Campus.

Hopefully those who attend will follow-up by having kidney-related conversations with family and friends, urging them to learn more about the work of the National Kidney Foundation — which includes research, education, early detection and much more.

Remember too that the number of youth and adults who need life-saving kidney transplants each year far exceeds the number of kidney donors, so it’s a good time as well to talk with family members about making a difference through organ donation.

— Lynn

Note: The Stauffer building is east of Mill and north of Apache. Parking is located in the open lot on Myrtle near 10th and on the street. To learn more about the event contact F. Miguel Valenti at

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