Protest in progress

I walked alongside protestors who made their way from Zuccotti Park to Chase Bank in the Wall Street financial district this morning, capturing these images of people and places being shaped by the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Protestors carry scribbled signs, professionally-made banners, flags and more

This protestor stopped traffic as the march left Zuccotti Park for Wall Street

An endless stream of tour buses passes by the Zuccotti Park protest each day

Zuccotti Park now has streets lined by news vans, reporters and photographers

Several local and tourist families bring young children to rallies and marches

CNN interviewed several Occupy Wall Street protestors and advocates today

The streets surrounding Zuccotti Park are crowded with curious onlookers

There is a heavy police presence in the area, which is near Ground Zero

Messages, ideas and demands are as varied as the protestors sharing them

Some protestors have discovered that marches can be nice outings for pets

If you have a blank page and writing material, your voice can reach the world

What would your sign say?

— Lynn

Coming up: Protest art from Zuccotti Park, Conversations with Occupy Wall Street protestors


One response to “Protest in progress

  1. Thanks for the update on the protest, i spend my day researching this it’s always nice to come across a blog like this.

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