Art meets protest

Signs, flags and artwork are popping up all over Zuccotti Park in New York City

Protester concerns include jobs, economic justice, ongoing wars and more

Some want true democracy back, while others think democracy is the problem

You don’t need to be a protester to embrace some of their messages

Some protesters are painting to express themselves and help get the word out

This is one of the few pieces of art that stays in one place over time

Some may wonder whether protesters feel they exist in order to resist

A common theme among protesters is the need to treat people as individuals

Art is being created on balloons, canvas, cardboard and everyday objects

Many protester signs and bits of artwork reflect themes of human kindness

— Lynn

Note: Click here to read an article in The New York Times about art-related OWS protests.

Coming up: This is what democracy looks like, More from NYC — museums, libraries and Broadway shows

Update: Apparently the art of Occupy Wall Street has come a long way — check out this article by Michele Elam for CNN. Click here to enjoy a post called “The Art of Occupation” from one of the blogs I read each day.


One response to “Art meets protest

  1. Thanks for the update on what’s happening. I try to take an inpartial view, but it’s definately an exciting thing to read about

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