Art meets airport

Having an interest in art always makes time spent at airports a little more bearable. Rather than settling for sitting in a terminal, I sometimes stroll in search of paintings, sculpture and such.

A while back, I enjoyed works by Navajo Master Weavers exhibited at Sky Harbor International Airport thanks to the Phoenix Airport Museum, one of the largest airport museums in the country.

The Phoenix Airport Museum serves not only Sky Harbor but also Phoenix Deer Valley Airport and Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The museum is sponsored by the City of Phoenix Aviation Department — which seeks to “showcase Arizona’s unique artistic and cultural heritage.”

The museum includes “an art collection of more than 500 works, 25 exhibition spaces in six buildings, and the Phoenix Aviation Archive.” Next time you’re at Sky Harbor, look for the museum’s “Art & Exhibition Guide.” It features a map showing art locations in Terminal 4 and the Rental Car Center.

I stumbled on the Phoenix Airport Museum gallery during my recent travels to New York City — exploring an exhibit called “100 Years 100 Ranchers: Photography by Scott Baxter.”

The exhibit includes a selection of black and white photographs taken during the course of a decade — all featuring subjects whose families have been ranching in Arizona for a century or more.

When friends and family come to visit during the holiday season, allow a little extra time at the airport for exploring local art offerings. When art meets airport, travel and its trappings seem a bit less tedious.

— Lynn

Note: Click here to learn more about Scott Baxter Photography

Coming up: Protest art from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan


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