A picture is worth…

As you’re reading this post, I’ll likely be furiously packing for a flight to NYC or racing through a terminal somewhere readying for the next leg of my journey to visit daughter Lizabeth for homecoming festivities at Pace University.

Like many others, I consider NYC the quintessential American city — largely due to its diversity. It’s a city full of different languages, different skin colors, different religions, different foods and different ideas — a compelling canvas for photographers and other artists.

I expect to take lots of photos while I’m there. In Zuccotti Park and the Wall Street financial district. At the recently-opened 9/11 memorial, the newly-relocated Anne Frank Center and the Park 51 Community Center still in development.

Closer to home, an organization called Through Each Others Eyes will be readying for their first big fundraiser. “Exposure 2011: A Cultural Journey” takes place Wed, Oct. 19 at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Through Each Others Eyes originated in 1988 as an artistic outreach of the Phoenix Sister Cities program. Today the non-profit specializes in using photography to “help people around the world understand and appreciate cultures different than their own.”

They’ve participated in several photographer exchange programs, donated photography services to students and organizations in need and sponsored more than 100 free photography exhibitions in nine countries on three continents.

Folks who attend the event can enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres from around the world and classical guitar music performed by the Sahnas Brothers. Also silent and live auctions featuring several items with a photographic twist (including “a photo experience trip” with a TEOE photographer). The photos below offer a glimpse of their talents.

The first, exhibited in Havana and Phoenix in 2002, is from their sole exchange with Cuban photographers. The second is from a 2008 trip to China. The third, from 2001, was taken at a shrine located near sister city Himeji, Japan (a site significantly impacted by the major 2011 earthquake and its aftermath).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To learn more about Through Each Others Eyes or this event, visit www.teoe.org. To assist the Phoenix Sister Cities program with ongoing aid efforts in Japan, click here.

— Lynn

Note: The Phoenix Art Museum offers exhibits and events of interest to children, teens and adults. Click here to explore museum offerings. Click here to enjoy a video featuring TEOE folks taking photos of Valley students.

Coming up: Opportunities for budding writers, Audition tips from young actors, A “dance dad” takes on “Dance Moms”


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