My tea party platform

These whimsical tea cups hang from a ceiling at the Children's Museum of Phoenix

As Monday night’s debate between candidates for the Republican party’s nomination for president was nearing a close, moderator Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked candidates to share something they’d bring with them to the White House if elected.

One scored big points by promising to grace the White House with one of our nation’s finest first ladies. The one who mentioned Winston Churchill’s bust is going to have a harder time at home for the next couple of nights.

One spoke of the children in his life and bringing their interests, including chess and ballet, to the White House — but only after promising to make room for it all by ridding the White House of its many czars.

One plans to bring along his Harley, another a bushel of common sense. All failed to recognize the most obvious necessity — a tiny little tea set for hosting tea parties with toddlers and teddy bears.

The debate reminded me of all those lovely tea parties I enjoyed with my children when they were younger. Of the hand-painted porcelain tea cups James’ grandma Julia once crafted with such care. Of the tea cup my daughter Jennifer once decorated at a pottery painting studio — yellow with cherries and other fruits painted around both cup and saucer.

I have my own tea party platform that goes something like this:

  • Tea parties must be held in tree houses or under dining room tables tented by colorful cotton sheets
  • Tea parties must have room at the table for everyone — even boys
  • Tea parties must include miniature cupcakes because they are dainty, have fewer calories and are easier to shove in my mouth
  • Tea parties must include slurping and straws and all manner of silliness and spills

Tea parties at home, park or beach are delightful — but so are tea parties at swankier places that welcome feather boas and sparkling accordian fans. Tea parties for a cause are also ever so nice.

I’ll feature tea party events and places in my next post. If your family has a tea party platform or tea party picture to share, please send it my way. I’ll post a few for readers during my next spot of tea.

Earl Grey with a sprinkle of fairy dust…

— Lynn

Coming up: A trio of teas benefiting Valley dance academies


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