Broadway baby meets “Broadway Unites”

Kick line meets jazz hands during Broadway Unites 2011 in Times Square in New York (Photo by Liz Trimble)

I’ve been blogging about the arts every day for about two years now, often attending live theater productions with daughter Lizabeth at my side. But Lizabeth moved to NYC last week to pursue her own acting dreams, so now we can cover twice the territory.

Mamma Mia! meets Jersey Boys at Broadway Unites 2011 in Times Square

I’m the “Stage Mom” covering arts in Arizona, and she’s the “Broadway Baby” in charge of the New York City beat. Friday she had her first assignment — covering the Broadway League’s “Broadway Unites” event.

A view of Broadway Unites on the Times Square Jumbotron

When I asked if she’d like to cover the event, Lizabeth offered a resounding “I will” — fitting given that the fine folks from “I Will” were heavily involved in Friday’s giant song and dance fest. They’re working to engage the community in making 9/11 a national day of remembrance and service.

Broadway Unites supports a 9/11 Tribute Day and I Will campaign

Lizabeth approached the gig with real professionalism, breaking in a blazer she’s since dubbed her “reporter’s jacket.” Unlike attending an event in “fan mode,” attending in “cub reporter” mode means no asking for autographs and the like.

An impressive lineup of performers participated in Broadway Unites

She was ready to interview performers, but felt she should defer to reporters from The New York Times and other major media outlets. The New York Times is revered at our house, and their cameras are a tad bigger than the ones used by hometown bloggers.

Before Broadway Unites Lizabeth thought only her parents did the disco

Still, Lizabeth captured great photos of the gig — sending them to me in a series of e-mails with subject lines like “La la la” (pictures of the “Sister Act” nuns) and “No!” (people over 21 doing the disco).

Broadway loves firefighters and firefighters love Broadway

Lizabeth described her biggest challenge as capturing a photo of the firefighters who participated without a set of looming “golden arches” in the background, then noted the irony in typical college student fashion.

Officer meets opera as Daniel Rodriguez appears on the Times Square Jumbotron

She’s headed to a Mets game with fellow students now — but plans to follow up with more photos and other fun details this weekend, which I’ll add to a future update of this post. First, no doubt, she’ll be doing all that lovely college homework.

Broadway Unites hopes to inspire people to remembrance and service

To learn more about “9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance” and the “I Will” project, visit Sometimes even grown-ups need to do a bit of homework.

— Lynn

Note: All photos by Liz Trimble (with thanks to her dad for the nifty new camera)

Coming up: A trio of tributes, 9/11 on stage and screen, National Arts in Education Week, Shakespeare’s “Recipe for Revenge”


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