Losing it for libraries!

Check out this bumper sticker I spotted on a car in Cedar City, Utah

My daughter Lizabeth thought I was losing it last week when I jumped for joy over spotting a pro-library bumper sticker on a car parked near one of the Utah Shakespeare Festival theaters.

But I had a recent library related e-mail in mind, and knew the photo would mean a lot to its sender. She’s the mom of a friend, and she’s working with others in Wickenburg to keep their library open. Seems it was shut for a time and that it’s now open again amidst some on-going controversy.

The Wickenburg Public Library has faced some tough times of late

Since I’m more stage mom than investigative journalist these days, I can’t run terribly far with the community’s concerns on this one — but I can help to keep libraries in focus for fellow families who love them like we do.

When Lizabeth and I realized we’d have several hours in Las Vegas the other day, she looked up places it might be fun to visit. We’d driven to Las Vegas from Cedar City, but had lots of time to kill before our flight.

She found a children’s museum, which we spent an hour or so exploring. The museum was adjacent to a public library, so I popped in to take a few photos — much to the dismay of two security guards near the entrance (and Lizabeth, who wishes I’d see more of the world without a lens).

I shot this photo of a Las Vegas library while Lizabeth called her dad to share her disbelief

Once we got to the airport and our gate, I searched online for news stories I’d missed while at the Utah Shakespeare Festival — where there is little time or longing for television or other news sources.

I was pleased to see a story about funding recently awarded to libraries in Maricopa County — which will be used to provide free library cards to families in need who would otherwise be unable to check out reading materials. Now if only we could manage food for the one in five children who live in poverty.

Later in the week, another story activated my library radar — news of a study demonstrating that reading aloud to children during early childhood is a key factor in early and ongoing school success. I give that one a big resounding “duh.”

Some give to libraries. Some use libraries. Some lose it for libraries. It’s all good.

— Lynn

Coming up: Photo tours of the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas and our own Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Valley teen shares tips on choosing a theater camp

Update: Click here for details about an “I Love My Librarian” contest


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