Art meets spaghetti?

When the Blue Bike Kids Show gang premiered their “Hall of Art-O-Vation” at a recent ASU Art Museum Family Fun Day, proud parent Kimberly Flack was busy snapping photos.

Kimberly Flack snapped this photo of the Blue Bike Kids Show at work

Flack is the associate general manager of educational outreach for Eight, Arizona PBS — something I find especially nifty given that the Blue Bike Kids Show would make for a lovely public television offering.

Steve Wilcox of Blue Bike taking photos at ASU Art Museum

The Bike Bike Kids Show brought along “four new art tools invented in the Blue Bike labs” — including the “Brushghetti Brush,” created by “binding a handful of spaghetti with rubber bands and boiling the ends” to make a paintbrush.

A young artist tests the Blue Bike method for mixing art and spaghetti

Also their “Ye-Old-Chalk-Mill” (a chalk-filled pepper grinder for making art with glue stick drawings), “Roll-O-Writer” (a toy truck with marker attached so kids can race and draw at the same time) and “Drizzle Drawer” (a straw for blowing ink to make interesting patterns).

Folks who stay tuned to the Blue Bike Kids Show website can learn of other public appearances featuring the gang’s interactive installations. The Blue Bike Kids Show gang consists of three Valley artists and teachers with ties to ASU.

When I think of the Blue Bike Kids Show, I think curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Also imagination and innovation. I’m starting to wish they’d jump on those blue bikes of theirs and head to Capitol Hill, where problem-solving and playing nice seem in short supply.

This Blue Bike image reminds me of politicians facing off over raising the debt ceiling

The next First Saturdays for Families at ASU Art Museum (Sat, Aug 6 from 11am-2pm), inspired by their popular video exhibition titled “By myself and with my friends,” features all sorts of animal crafts.

Another Blue Bike photo with a science and art history twist

Also animal-inspired dancing with dancer/choreographer Elizabeth Johnson and a visit from some animal friends courtesy of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. The event is free and open to kids of all ages.

More art & photography magic from the Blue Bike Kids Show gang

And it has me wondering how the family cat Pinky might look in one of the Blue Bike Kids Show’s old-timey photos.

— Lynn

Coming up: Oh-My-Oz!


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