Designers & Diamondbacks

When summer temperatures soar, it’s nice to have indoor options for enjoying arts and culture. I spent some time Thursday experiencing online galleries of Phoenix Art Museum offerings — mostly from their collection of fine fashion.

I found an exceptional black leather jacket — listed as a “Perfecto ‘One Star’ Jacket,” early 1960s. A “Daytime Ensemble” from 1937, which includes a dress, dicky, belt, cap and hat. And an “American Red Cross Hospital and Camp Services Uniform” from 1941-1945. Even a bright pink “Bullfighter’s Costume” from the 1950s.

Why sport a leather jacket when you can rock a Diamondbacks jacket?

I chose the fashion collection after learning of a back-to-school clothing drive being held in conjunction with the 82nd Major League Baseball “Midsummer Classic” in Phoenix . It’s a Bank of America endeavor and you have until Monday, July 11, to participate by donating back-to-school clothing or school supplies to students in need.

While they might be thrilled with a black leather jacket, Valley temperatures make jeans and T-shirts a more practical choice — but any type of school-appropriate clothing is welcome. Just promise me you won’t donate a dicky. No one born after 1970 even knows what that is — with good reason.

You can drop other clothing and school supplies off at any of 120 Bank of America sites. Think child-safe metal or plastic scissors, crayons (24 count), #2 pencils, colored pencils, 12-inch wood or plastic rulers, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, rubber erasers and spiral bound/single subject notebooks.

Bank of America expects that it’ll take more than 1,000 volunteer hours to collect, package and distribute the clothing and supplies folks drop-off at their baseball- theme collection boxes.

This year’s volunteers include 2010 MLB All-Star Chris Young, five-time MLB All-Star Luis Gonzalez and Jennie Finch, who was part of the gold medal-winning softball team at the 2004 Olympics.

Once you've donated school supplies for kids in need, visit the MLB shop online and treat your own kids to some nifty Diamondbacks gear

Dress your kids up in their baseball garb and give them a friendly reminder about the importance of giving back — then head to a participating Bank of America with a donation they’ve helped you select and purchase.

Bank of America, by the way, is the “official bank of Major League Baseball.” They’re also significant supporters of arts and culture — supporting museums, art restoration and much more.

Their back-to-school clothing and supplies drive supports the work of an Arizona organization called “Back to School Clothing Drive,” which was founded in 1967 — just one year later than Campbell Soup introduced the “Pop Art Souper Dress” you’ll find on the Phoenix Art Museum website. Pity we can’t donate that puppy.

— Lynn

Note: The MLB Diamondbacks shop online is offering specials on qualifying purchases through July 7 — so you can still take advantage of these savings if you were clever enough to read this post as soon as it was published! Items pictured above are from their website.

Coming up: Baseball art at Mesa’s Arizona Museum for Youth, Movie musings: “Midnight in Paris”


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