Don’t bite my head off

Lizabeth was excited after discovering that Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village carries “Swan Lake” cupcakes, an homage to the ballet currently being performed by American Ballet Theatre.

I joked about what fun we could have, taking that first nibble — and biting the heads off. I assumed they’d have lovely swans, and the joke was a bit of a jab at all those years of ballet training. Some weren’t so terribly pretty.

But alas, they were merely frosted with an elegant combination of black and white, so I settled for a key lime cheesecake cupcake instead — sadly replacing the calories I’d burned walking all those blocks to get there.

We ate our cupcakes at a little park just up the street from the bakery, where children played in a fine mist of water and couples sat on benches near stone tables etched with chessboard patterns.

Earlier in the day, we’d enjoyed another park just off Fifth Avenue that has one entrance featuring a giant marble arch. Around a fountain, there were four sets of two chess tables — and men about my age or older stopped by to play.

Women pushed baby strollers (sorry, guys — but none of you were out doing the baby things at that point). Some had small white pizza take-out boxes on top. Squirrels darted on and off the paths. Folks fired up laptops on the lawn.

We stopped for lunch at a lovely eatery in Greenwich Village where we split a baked ziti and salad combo. Our table was elevated but just off the street, so we watched puppies walking their pedestrians and hoped the pigeons weren’t partial to Italian fare.

We made a few subway trips, which Lizabeth navigated with ease — even finding a Christopher station on Christopher Street, reminding us of her brother back home. We must fit in fairly well because we ended up giving directions more often than we asked for them.

Lizabeth could easily lead a “famous film locations” tour. “Law and Order” steps, “The Adjustment Bureau” warehouse, “Enchanted” skyscraper. She’s learning various landmarks that help guide her through the city, and I’m having fun playing “find the Starbucks.” If I don’t get my coffee, I really might bite someone’s head off.

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— Lynn

Coming up: Lynn & Liz do Lincoln Center, Fun finds in NYC, 9/11 tributes and memorials


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