Bike shorts?

Elizabeth Peterson, Boyd Branch and Steve Wilcox, creators of the Blue Bike Kids Show

I heard from Boyd Branch, part of the Blue Bike Kids Show gang, this morning. He was excited to share that their new venture, a marvelous blend of science and technology for kids, has earned “Kickstarter” project of the day status — something akin to achieving “Freshly Pressed” status for those of us who blog.

I shot back a quick e-mail suggesting he send some photos of the Blue Bike Kids Show trio in their bike shorts for a “Bike shorts” post to follow today’s “Shakespeare shorts” post. But it appears they got a better offer — which means we’re all free to just use our imaginations on this one.

I visited their “Kickstarter” page after coming home from a morning spent at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where I enjoyed my first tour of a rooftop garden for families of young patients. It was the site of a “Sun and Heat Safety Event” — which I’ll feature in a future post. I was pleased to spot a bike rack in the hospital’s nifty new parking garage, where someone placed the real-life blue bike they rode to work that day.

The Blue Bike Kids Show is working hard to meet their funding goals via Kickstarter before June 29

Looks like the Blue Bike Kids Show has just seven more days to reach their funding goal on “Kickstarter” — an enterprise that describes itself as “a new way to fund and follow creativity.” So far they have $2,829 in pledges, which puts them at 56% of their goal. Folks who help with pledges of $5 or more get fun prizes.

The $5 gift earns you a digital download of their wacky mustaches and a $10 gift earns you a fixitology guide. Gifts of just $18 earn a nifty Blue Bike T-shirt (a fun way to celebrate “International T-shirt Day“).

Click here to learn how your child can get a slot in the pilot episode of the Blue Bike Kids Show — or enjoy the Blue Bike Kids Show gang at an upcoming birthday party or school event (in the Phoenix metro area).

I haven’t run this by Boyd, Steve or Elizabeth (E.P.) yet — but I’m guessing that a big old gift to put them over the top might entitle you to a blue bike shorts shot. There are plenty of reasons to support their Blue Bike Kids Show adventure, especially if you’ve got ties to ASU. All three studied theater at Arizona State University (their full bios are on the “Kickstarter” website).

I think they’re going to go big with this baby, and early supporters will get to do their “I told you so!” dance.

— Lynn

Note: The Blue Bike Kids Show will only be funded through “Kickstarter” if they reach $5,000 in pledges before Wed, June 29, at 1:07pm EDT

Coming up: Pondering “Peanuts”

Update: Meet the Blue Bike Kids Show gang Sun, June 26, at Tempe Beach Park when they hold a FREE nostalgic-style picnic from 5-7pm.


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