Signs your child is a theater geek

There’s a summer camp in the Catskill Mountains that’s been turning out true theater talent for 26 years. “Stagedoor Manor” has inspired a film, Tony Graff’s “Camp” — as well as a book, Mickey Rapkin’s “Theater Geek.” I’ve been reading the book all week, a part of my self-imposed Tony Awards withdrawal program.

With no other plans for Friday night, Lizabeth and I enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table together making up our very own “signs your child is a theater geek” list. Some are inspired by our favorite shows, some by the musings of friends and others by things Lizabeth used to do as a child.

You know your child is a theater geek when he/she…

Insists the family vacation in “Oklahoma!”

Asks about auditioning for the soccer team

Says teachers mistake their “directing” gift for bossiness

Names the family cat “Deuteronomy”

Asks for “Spamalot” in every sack lunch

Can’t understand why there’s no “Choreographer Barbie”

Starts a fresh diary by writing “Act 1, Scene 1”

Adds “The Book of Mormon” to their summer reading list

Brings Broadway Playbills for show-and-tell time

Says their favorite U.S. president is “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson”

Refuses to leave the house without their “Pink Ladies” jacket

Enjoys using four-letter-words like “B-A-R-D”

Plays with dolls that do frequent costume changes

Sends their Princeton application to “Avenue Q”

Has stuffed animals named “Elphaba” and “Evita”

Answers your questions with “Anything Goes” instead of “whatever”

Whistles “Springtime for Hitler” when studying WWII in history class

Asks if they can “stage manage” the next family reunion

Says their favorite teams are the “Sharks” and the “Jets”

Tries to win friends by singing “Popular” for school talent night

And finally, you know your child is a theater geek when she enjoys spending Friday nights writing “theater geek” lines with her mom. I ♥ theater geeks!

— Lynn

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