Students review “Macbeth” tour

Alex Hambicki is a sophomore at Campo Verde High School

By Alex Hambicki, 10th grade

In the past I have seen Shakespearean plays; however, I would like to say that Macbeth was the best that I have seen yet. The Utah Shakespeare Festival traveling troupe consisted of extremely talented actors who captivated their audience. As well as being entertaining, they were extremely creative. I greatly respected their choice of props and backdrops because of the troupe’s desire to “get back to the basics.” Reaching into the roots of acting, the troupe used simple household props to represent so much more. In all, I thoroughly enjoyed Macbeth at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts because of its original set and unique actors. I would recommend their version of Macbeth to anyone who enjoys the art of theater.

Lauren Cardon is a sophomore at Campo Verde High School

By Lauren Cardon, 10th grade

The performance of Macbeth at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts on March 7, 2011 by the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s traveling troupe was definitely praiseworthy. The acting was great, the props were creative, and the plot was well summarized. The actors of the play knew their stuff—even the cat-calling during the emotional reunion of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth didn’t throw them off. Heck, some of us couldn’t even tell whether or not that was a stage kiss! Also, the group had a lot of creativity when it came to props. They kept to the true spirit of a traveling group by using everyday objects for props. Lastly, even though parts had to be cut out of the play because of its length, it was done in a way so that the audience could still follow the plot. Overall, it was a grand performance of Macbeth.

Brooke Bullock is a sophomore at Campo Verde High School

By Brooke Bullock, 10th grade

The performance of Macbeth that I attended on March 7, 2011 at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts was an intriguing production that captured the attention of many, including myself. The actors and actresses were able to portray the Shakespearean characters with great accuracy. The props in the production were very scarce, but provided comic relief to the audience between lengthy scenes. The attention to the gory scenes was very keen because the characters bled and leaked gory pieces of fabric that closely resembled real flesh. Overall, the play was put together nicely and allowed students to get a better feel for Shakespeare’s fine plays.

Linda F. is a sophomore at Campo Verde High School

By Linda F., 10th grade

I thought that Macbeth was an excellent production. The actors conveyed the characters’ emotions well and were able to provoke responses from the audience. The most unique aspect of the performance was the use of simple props, such as ladders and sticks. After all, I’ve never seen anyone ride a ladder as a horse before. I feel like the utilization of these props allowed the audience to create their own visions of the action of Macbeth.

Note: Click here to read a companion post by Campo Verde High School English teacher Amie Brockman, who took her students to Higley Center for the Performing Arts in March for a performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” presented by the Utah Shakespeare Festival Shakepeare-in-the-Schools program.

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