HOP delivers more than candy

Despite some sour reviews, I think the movie HOP is incredibly sweet

My kids are all old enough now that Easter baskets could easily be a thing of the past were my husband not so fond of sharing all those chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.

Still, as the proud caretaker to a real bunny named “Rugby,” I felt it was my duty to take my 17-year-old daughter Lizabeth to a preview of the new movie “HOP.”

I wasn’t expecting much more than a film intent on reinforcing chants of “I want candy!” Or a string of scenes less appealing than the few used for commercial teasers.

But I was pleasantly surprised. The storyline was original and the visuals appealing. Actors voicing the characters (including James Marsden, Russell Brand and Hugh Laurie) delivered grand comedy, and the songs were energetic.

“HOP” felt like a journey back to the best things in childhood — dreams, friendship, adventure and those adorable candies we call “Peeps.”

But beware the chief “Peep” in “HOP” — who thinks it’s time that bunnies move over to make way for chickens. It’s up to a teen bunny named “E.B.” to save the day. If only he could stop drumming and daydreaming.

My favorite scenes include the opening (which depicts giant statues on Easter Island), the scene in which a little boy named “Fred” sees the Easter bunny at work, scenes with a trio of bunnies called the “Pink Berets” and scenes in a giant candy factory that looks like an exploding rainbow.

“HOP” inspired me to research the real “Easter Island” — something parents might enjoy doing with their young children before seeing the film. Save the “candy” research for later, since it’s an easier sell.

I’ve been reading, and enjoying, the online “production notes” for “HOP” — which includes everything from casting and filming details to Easter Island history and legend.

It inspired me to learn more by visiting websites for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and “Dig” (a magazine, for youth, with an archeology/history theme).

“HOP” is about so much more than a bunny who “poops jelly beans.” It’s about following your dreams, supporting friends and family, and learning never to turn your back on those perky little “Peeps.”

— Lynn

Coming up: A startling mailbox find

Images: Universal Pictures


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