Cat calls

When "Stage Cat" Pinky snaps, "Stage Mom" Lynn Trimble jumps

We’re constantly amazed by the diversity of calls our cat, Pinky, seems to share depending on her needs or wants.

The “feed me” call. The “water would be nice” call. The “drop everything” call reserved for formal notifications that your highness wishes to have her litter box cleaned.

Had Pinky read the audition notice for “Puss ‘n’ Boots” I’d no doubt be driving her in a pink cat limo to and from every performance this month at Mesa Arts Center.

“Puss ‘n’ Boots,” written by Steph DeFerie, is being performed by East Valley Children’s Theatre through Feb 27.

DeFerie’s adaptation of the classic tale earned her first place in EVCT’s 2010 “Aspiring Playwrights Contest.” I’m sure Pinky would approve.

Many cat caretakers (cats refuse to be owned) suspect their felines are nearly smart enough to read and write — if only they’d redirected all that energy they spend chasing rubber bands and snoozing on piles of fresh laundry.

Pinky ponders the history of cats in arts and culture

Still, the 2011 EVCT “Aspiring Playwrights Contest” is open only to writers of the human variety.

Just make sure the time spent crafting your musical or play doesn’t interfere with feline pampering time.

Submissions for the 2011 contest are due no later than March 15. Have your cat click here if you’d like more specific information, including submission guidelines.

Fans of Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” can see the work performed April 8-May 11 at Desert Stages Theatre in Scottsdale and June 15-29 at the Marroney Theatre on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson.

Fond as I am of Williams’ work, I suspect Pinky will let me park the limo for these puppies. It’s unlikely she’ll want to trade her cushy denim beanbag chair for a hot tin anything.

She’s more likely to hit the Hamilton Prep production of “Seussical Junior” being performed March 2 and 3 in Chandler, since she never misses an opportunity to sport a funky hat.

Whatever your cat’s fancy, you can support local arts and culture by attending these shows. Just coordinate with the cat first to be sure you’re only gone during nap time.

— Lynn 

Note: If your Arizona school or theater company is presenting something with a feline twist, please comment below to let fellow cat lovers know.

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Photos: Christopher Trimble


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