This is it!

We put Lizabeth on a plane this morning — bound for college theater auditions in New York City. It’s a moment she’s long dreamed of, and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

As the weather chilled in Arizona this week, Lizabeth donned the boots and scarves that seem to suit her so well — remarking that she actually likes the cold.

She enjoyed telling me about a former voice teacher, Michelle Hakala, who now lives in NYC with her hubby Jeff and “puppy” Jasper. Seems the streets are so slippery that even his little doggie cleats don’t provide enough traction for those much-needed outings.

We returned from the airport to find the sheets we’d placed over delicate plants were frozen stiff. But nothing like the streets of NYC, where icy sidewalks require strategic strolling.

Though she’s a performance artist through and through, I think sometimes how much I’d enjoy reading Lizabeth’s theater reviews.

After seeing Actors Theatre perform the Melissa James Gibson play “This” last weekend, she shared insights on everything from dialogue to staging.

She learned during a post-show talkback with the fine folks of Actors Theatre that a theater company in another part of the country had performed the work with a much slower pace and an intermission.

But Lizabeth was intrigued by the rapid-fire dialogue of the Actors Theatre production. And unlike many who’ve worked on or seen the show, she finds that the title “This” makes perfect sense.

She was struck by the word “this” as spoken by Yolanda London, one of just five actors in this small cast that’s big on talent.

London is one of many theater professionals Lizabeth is taking along in spirit as she auditions for B.F.A. programs — because London is one of several Childsplay actors that Lizabeth has trained with through the years.

I know Lizabeth is equally grateful for the actors she’s been fortunate to perform with — including Michael Peck, another member of the cast for “This.”

Lizabeth performed in the Chyro Arts production of Eric Bogosian’s “Talk Radio” last year, which featured Peck as a biting talk radio host named Barry Champlain.

I don’t know where she’ll end up training or performing as she graduates from Arizona School for the Arts this year and moves on to other stages.

But I know she’ll be taking oodles of Valley theater professionals and friends along with her, and for that I am grateful.

— Lynn

Note: This weekend is your last chance to see “This” at the Herberger Theater Center. For a list of more kid-friendly fare, visit the online calendar for Raising Arizona Kids magazine by clicking here.

Coming up: Translating theater speak, Reflections on “Rosie’s House,” Dogs v. cats in Valley theater, Mardi Gras musings


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