Lynn & Liz go “Luxe”

With a college-age son at home who’s 6’4 or more and still growing, I sometimes wish I could whip up dinner with the simple push of a button.

Seems it’s now possible to do just that — thanks to the Valley’s newest cinema, which sports several VIP auditoriums for patrons age 21 and older.

Every seat in the five “star class” auditoriums has a button for calling for food or beverage service. (And yup, adult beverages are on the menu.)

I first drove by the theater last weekend when I was up at the Scottsdale Pavilions for another reason, and have to admit I didn’t get the best vibe from the purple and orange exterior.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much the first time I walked inside. I love me some Phoenix Suns’ colors, but this wasn’t quite the tribute I’d have chosen.

Still, as soon as you enter UltraStar Cinemas’ Ultra Luxe Theater in Scottsdale, you know you’re in a very special sort of movie land.

Giving the exterior the Renaissance Venetian feel of the VIP auditorium where members of the press previewed “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Monday night would give passersby a much better sense of the theater’s inner grandeur.

Snack bars feature glass and mirrors that make you feel you’re about to enjoy a martini rather than a movie. There’s a “box office” instead of a ticket window — though you can also order tickets online (and reserve particular seats).

There’s a birthday room with a glass window-front that’s much more appealing than your average fare. There’s even a giant orange megaphone inside — marked with the word “director” in big letters. I know plenty of kids who would totally go to town with that baby.

Pity I’ve already celebrated my 50th. Now I’ll have to find another excuse to get a group of friends together for a “Let’s get Luxe” shindig.

Put this puppy on your short list of possible venues next time you’re planning an office party, holiday gathering, family reunion, donor tribute or volunteer recognition event.

It’s way cool to sit in a “star class” auditorium and order from a menu that includes beverage options like Italian sodas, espresso drinks and beer.

“Sweet Shoppe” selections range from Red Vines to European chocolates. Even whole freakin’ pies! (And they’ll supply the forks!)

Food choices include pizza, paninis, edamame, salad and many more — even several varieties of popcorn, including kettle corn.

I hope they’ll consider a paint job so the venue’s exterior matches the interior’s cosmopolitan vibe. Of course, that would make it hard to add the other element I was almost hoping for — food service folks on roller skates.

— Lynn

Note: We also enjoyed the wide leather seats with firm support, and more legroom than we typically enjoy at local live theater venues. Click here to learn about these and other features — including seats with a motion feature, digital screens and a special sound system.

Coming up: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”


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