Pondering 300 posts

I think it’s fair to say that anything we do three hundred times–especially for 300 days in a row–is something we value.

Today marks my 300th RAK “Stage Mom” post, so I got to reflecting this morning on all the things I’ve done in my life–at least 3oo times.

As I share a few of the activities I’ve deemed worthy of so many hours of my time, I hope you’ll pause to consider the things you may be giving considerable portions of your time.

Time is our only real currency, and it’s a limited resource.

You may find, as did I, that some of the things you’re doing over and over again aren’t all that valuable–so perhaps today’s post also will help you ponder the things you might be ready to let go of.

On the mommy track, I’ve done plenty of things at least 300 times–changed dirty diapers, crafted a bedtime story, taken kids to and from school, and volunteered in the classroom.

I prefer not to count the number of times I’ve done dishes, laundry, dusting and such.

On the pet mommy track, there’s feeding all those lovely creatures–birds, a bunny, a cat–and cleaning all those not so lovely cages.

In my spare time, I’ve returned more than 300 times to favorite activities like gardening, reading a book, lingering over a newspaper or tackling a crossword puzzle.

My husband likely suspects that I’ve shopped for shoes at least 300 times, but I keep insisting that I’m being falsely accused on that one.

I’ve attended well over 300 college class sessions, though it’s hard to remember now what I might have learned in many cases. I suspect it’s all there, but doesn’t make for easy recall at this point.

I’ve unfortunately said “Ugh!” at least 300 times when looking in the mirror–more so lately now that I’m getting a lovely little something I refer to as “blogger’s butt.” I really should learn to blog while running in place or jumping rope, I suppose.

I’ve certainly taken the wrong turn or otherwise ended up on the wrong street at least 3oo times. I just count my blessings when I figure it out before I get to Las Vegas or San Diego (both lovely places to be unless your child is waiting on a friend’s doorstep).

My typo count easily tops 300, especially when blogging gets banished to the wee hours. But there’s an easy fix for that–my 300+ daily doses of espresso.

I haven’t yet been to 300 music, dance and theater performances–but I’m going to try my darnedest to get there.

And I certainly haven’t done enough to help the people on our planet whose ‘list of 3oo’ includes sleeping on the street, going a day without food, fighting to defend our country.

What’s on your ‘list of 300?’


Note: Graphics are from cafepress.com, which offers a huge selection of gifts with various themes related to the arts and other fun areas of human endeavor (even writing and editing)

Coming up: The U of A Poetry Center, Arts grants from the Flinn Foundation and Piper Trust, Arts and business awards, Lyric Opera Theatre at ASU


One response to “Pondering 300 posts

  1. And I have enjoyed ALL 300 of your whimsical, thought-provoking, whacky, beautiful, touching and inspiring posts! I hadn’t realized there were so many different angles to art until I began reading your blog, nor that Arizona has such a diverse arts community. Thank you for broadening my outlook, Lynn, and I look forward to your next 300 posts!

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