Seek and ye shall find

Recently I went in search of arts events with a multicultural flair for an upcoming post featuring music, theater, dance and visual art inspired by other parts of the world.

I had only to open my newspapers on Sunday–unsoaked by sprinklers for the first time in a week–to find what I was looking for. And more.

It was the “2010/2011 season ASU Herberger Institute School of Music” calendar, a lovely fold-out poster that I quickly tacked to the bulletin boards in my tiny home office (formerly known as the dining room). First I had my son Christopher scan the cover so I could give you a peek.

I’ll share my multicultural finds another day so I can focus on ASU offerings today–noted in the calendar by categories that include choral concerts, lyric opera theatre, an organ series, a guitar series, jazz concerts, percussion concerts, a faculty artist series, a guest artist series and more.

There’s even a “Musical Instrument Museum” series being performed at the MIM in Phoenix, as well as a “Performance with a View” series at the Tempe Center for the Arts (also home to Childsplay performances–with ASU theatre and film alumni David Saar at the helm).

If your child is involved with music, dance or theater here in the Valley, there’s a good chance ASU music graduates have crossed your path as teachers, performers, directors and more.

Lizabeth started her senior year at Arizona School for the Arts on Monday, where she studies in the theatre arts department headed by Toby Yatso, whose long list of credentials includes a music degree from ASU.

Yatso is directing the ASA fall musical, a Flaherty and Ahrens work titled “Lucky Stiff,” to be performed Sept 29 (preview) to Oct 3 at Greasepaint Youtheatre (formerly Stagebrush Theatre) in Scottsdale. Yatso also heads up the new (and yet to be named) ASA glee club, and is an artist in residence with Phoenix Theatre.

There are plenty of treasures in the ASU School of Music mix this season–including a celebration of music and the visual arts, a concert featuring ‘composers in the concentration camp,’ an ‘around the world in song’ choral concert, an African drum ensemble and various student competitions (talent show, jazz composition and more). Here’s a peek at this season’s ASU Lyric Opera Theatre poster…

The ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts includes several departments beyond music, dance and theatre/film. There’s also architecture/landscape architecture, art, arts/media/engineering and design.

If they’ve got nifty poster-style calendars like the music department, I may have found a new ‘small space decorating’ solution–lining my office walls with all things ASU and the arts.

Though, come to think of it, that would require a bigger space…


Note: Several events are being presented this month, so call right away for a calendar (or click here for online info) if you want to pick your own favorites and join the fun. Visit ASU Gammage in Tempe during exhibit hours to see a collection of poems and pictures titled “When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina” (through Oct 12).

Coming up: Forget the “freshman 15“–that’s nothing compared to the bounty of blogging. Watch for musings on the perils and perks of writing a daily arts blog in an upcoming post celebrating 300 consecutive days of blogging.


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