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My favorite find from the "101 Things I Learned" (TM) series

I hit a local bookstore the other day with my daughter Lizabeth just to kick around and see what was available.

Before long, we were sitting side by side on the floor near shelves lined with music- and film-related titles.

Alas–I didn’t see the compilation of Bruce Springsteen lyrics that I’ve long dreamed of embracing, but we made some other cool finds.

Among them was Neil Landau and Matthew Frederick’s “101 Things I Learned (TM) in Film School.”

An amusing tale for serious Sharpie pen lovers

As I browsed their work, which now sits atop my desk next to a thick black Sharpie and “The Great Typo Hunt,” I discovered plenty of parallels between film and writing–even film and life.

For those of you who have yet to land a ticket to the weekend’s hottest flick–“Eat Pray Love“–I offer an alternative.

The opportunity to reflect on how the following lessons in “Film School” apply to everyday life. (Writers among you will notice several ideas applicable to your craft as well.)

#1: Start strong.

#14: Beginning, middle, end.

#25: Create memorable entrances.

#43: Beware children, animals, and liquids.

#50: Have a plan, but enjoy the detours.

#55: Leave breathing room.

#64: Dig deeper.

#69: Good writing is good rewriting.

#73: Different lenses tell different stories.

#84: Don’t cast solely by looks.

#90: Let it go, already.

#91: Play well with others.

Why not travel the world via film festival?

I’m long overdue for an “Eat Pray Love” experience–and the financial demands of college tuition times three make it unlikely I’ll get to Italy, India or Indonesia anytime soon.

But I can do the next best thing by enjoying the richness of film right here in the Valley, which often transports me to other times and places.

Here’s a list–with links–of fabulous film fare perfect for enjoying your own ongoing “Read Film Love” adventures…

ASU Student Film Festival at

Arizona Student Film Festival at

Arizona International Film Festival at

Phoenix Film Festival at

Phoenix Jewish Film Festival at

Scottsdale International Film Festival at

Sedona International Film Festival at

Many have already scheduled their 2011 events and are calling for film submissions, so now is the time to “save the dates” and get those cameras rolling.

Read. Film. Love.


Note: Additional information on film events in Arizona is available from the Arizona Production Association, which serves film, theatre and television professionals. Other Valley venues that present film series events include the Phoenix Art Museum and Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

Coming up: A tale of two stories


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