Take Two

This is my second take with Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. I wrote features and columns for the magazine for nearly a decade when my children were younger, and I’m delighted about returning now.

It complements in some ways my second take on parenting—that time when our children begin to set out on their own and we have more time to return to other loves. For me, one of those loves is the arts. Especially the performing arts: theatre, dance, music and more.

I lost my own mother all too quickly to pancreatic cancer in the years before I discovered the pleasure and power of writing. One of the memories I cherish the most is sitting snuggled up against my mother’s arm during a live performance of the Nutcracker ballet every holiday season.

My mother was a single mom—and a really, really good one—but there was never much money for things like the season tickets that I take for granted today. Adventures in the arts, outside a plethora of homemade arts and crafts and basement talent shows, were few and far between.

When my own children (two now in college and another in high school) were barely hip-height, we often headed to live performances. We enjoyed everything from puppet theatre to symphony concerts featuring familiar movie themes.

I think it was instinctual, like so much of parenting. It was fun. It felt good. I didn’t think about the possible benefits. I just loved the laughter, the sometimes tears, and the joy of doing it all together. I’ll share a bit in future blogs about the ways the arts have touched our lives, and I hope you’ll share with me the ways they have touched yours too.

I’ll also share news about upcoming events in Arizona—plays, concerts, dance performances and more. Sometimes I’ll remind you about something wonderful coming our way (you can always get this info online at http://www.raisingarizonakids.com ). Sometimes I’ll share expert advice from Valley artists on everything from how to prepare for an audition to how to really appreciate a performance. Sometimes I’ll share the stories of young performers.

I’ll have tips for parents of preschoolers through parents of teens. Before long, I hope, you’ll be sharing your tips too. That’s the beauty of blogging. It really captures the very essence of the RAK mission—connecting families with information, resources and support as we face everyday parenting decisions and search for ways to enrich our lives together.

I wish we could all grab a cup of coffee together. But until technology makes that possible, I’ll see you in the blogosphere…


Coming soon: Valley welcomes Broadway star. Cinderella Confidential. The arts & school achievement.


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